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Craig Duryea's Story

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    (early 50s male - left THR) Following up from my 30 day testimonial posted earlier regarding my left THR early March of 2021. Was able to play light tennis after 3 months and was back 100% and playing full speed singles at 5 months. No pain and no problems on the left hip now at 10 months.

    PART 2: Right THR done early November of 2021. Just hit the 3 months mark now and am playing medium speed tennis and sand Vball already. About a week ahead of my left hip recovery timeline. I think the pool work and cardio leading up to surgery helped there.
    No pain and no problems on the right hip thus far at the 3 month mark.
    Thanks again Dr. Burge and excellent nursing staff for getting me back (and many others) to an athletic and pain free lifestyle.
    Can now put off golf for another 10 years ๐Ÿ˜Ž. Thank you. Thank you.

    Craig Duryea

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