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DANIEL's Story

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    In May 2008, was rushed to hospital, diagnosis - AML Leukemia and told I would not make it, quick phone calls to say goodbye to my family.
    Thank God I survived, had Bone-marrow transplant, radiation the works. My hips suffered secondary effects and lead to avascular necrosis. Very painful and never was able to walk normal.
    In October of 2020 went to urgent care due to excruciating pain, referred to hip specialist met Dr. Ross Burge. He basically said my hips were nearly bone on bone. I was so grateful for the way he explained my situation and the options available. He was very attentive, patient, and answered all of my questions. I really appreciated his friendly attitude and how thorough he was in communicating and making sure I understood. His confidence and professionalism really left me calm, at peace and filled with hope. I had one hip replacement in December 2020 and the other March 2021. During both surgeries and post-op, Dr. Ross and his staff were incredible and I was and am very very grateful for all of their hard work and dedication. I've shared my experience with many family members and friends about how blessed I felt to have Dr. Ross as my surgeon and definitely recommend him. Thank You Dr Ross for helping me on the journey from Hopeful to Grateful!


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